MODD Kennel

Board of Trustees

CDD Tom Hazlett

59th Chief Devil Dog

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PDD Alan Sanning

Sr. Vice Chief Devil Dog

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PDD J. D. Jones

Jr. Vice Chief Devil Dog

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PDD Evelyn Remines

Smart Dog

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PDD Jeremy Barton

Dog Trainer

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PDD Matthew Veprek

Police Dog

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PDD Charles D. Minton

PCDD Leonard Spicer

Jr. Past Chief Devil Dog

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PDD David “Ben” Wells

Executive Director

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Get in Touch. Get Involved.

Have you been recognizing your Marines? Do you have Marines in your Detachments and Departments that you think are worthy of the Order? What are you waiting for, let’s get the initiations going! If you are looking for information on expanding your Pound or need help with anything else MODD related, get in touch!

Please consider donating and helping us support the Childrens Hospitals and Veterans Hospitals that we donate to every year.
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