Keystone Capitol 031

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Keystone Capitol 031

New Cumberland, Pennsylvania, United States
Keystone Capitol

Dog House: P.W. Milano Detachment Home
1st St. and Ross Ave., New Cumberland, PA 07070

Growl: 3rd Thursday on the Months of February, May, September and November

Detachments Represented:
P.W. Milano
Leatherneck Square
Bob Smith
Lewis B Puller Jr.
Strays from any Detachment


Sr. Vice-PoundKeeper:
Jr. Vice-PoundKeeper:
Smart Dog:
Dog Robber:

Dog Trainer:
Mad Dog:
Police Dog:
Watch Dog:
Barking Dog:

PDD Allen Ferguson
Phone: (717) 713-0409
DD Richard Bronstein
PDD Anthony Flaynik
PDD Benjamin Cero
PDD Paul Hastings
1631 Bridge St.
New Cumberland, Pa 17010
Phone: (717) 774-5892 (cell)
DD Michael Furhhman
DD Richard Bronstein
PDD Gail Wise
DD Wesley Smedley
PDD Gail Wise
Contact Information
Phone: (717) 774-5892