Minutemen Pound 215

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Minutemen Pound 215

Huntington, West Virginia, United States, West Virginina, USA

Minutemen Pound 215 - Huntington
Pound Keeper: PDD Jerry Bain 304-593-8519
Sr Vice Pound Keeper: PDD James Doss 740-441-5638
Jr Vice Pound Keeper DD Thirston Legge 304-743-4710
Smart Dog DD Robert Thomas 304-688-8456
Dog Trainer DD James Bolen 304-690-0882
Police Dog DD William Martin 304-675-5226
Mad Dog PDD Harry Bunyan 304-453-3767
Dog Robber: PDD Richard Shank 304-633-1814
Watch Dog DD Denny Wood 304-523-7876
Barking Dog DD John Roberts 304-429-3217

Contact Information
Phone: 304-593-8519