West Virginia Pack

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West Virginia Pack

Parkersburg, West Virginia, United States, West Virginina, USA

West Virginia Pack
Military Order of the Devil Dogs
Pack Leader PDD Michael L. McLain 304-464-5049
Sr Vice Pack Leader PDD Chuck Cooper 304- 937-2665
Jr Vice Pack Leader PDD Richard Shank 304- 633-1814
Smart Dog PDD Scott Kirby 304-588-0318
Dog Trainer DD Roger Estep 304-380-7930
Police Dog DD Denny Wood 304-523-7876
Mad Dog PDD Richard Sneigle 304-588-7901
Dog Robber PDD Roger Ware 304-636-4365
Watch Dog PDD Gregory Irwin 304-704-5758
Barking Dog PDD Steven E. Swenton 314-277-8872
Quartermaster PDD Don Dearth 304-481-9595

Contact Information
Phone: 304-464-5049