Announcement from the Mad Dog!


Woof Woof Dogs of the Order,

On Tuesday August 16th there will be a Baseball game in Daytona Beach while we are going through our initiation, in the past we have asked all initiates to not purchase tours during the training cycle. This year we are making an exception to that, and we are encouraging all Dogs to attend the Ballgame. As many of you may not know this is where the Chief Devil Dog presents the large check to the local Children’s Hospital and since we work hard each year to raise Bones for the Children’s Hospital fund, we have decided that all our Dogs should be able attend and be part of the experience. The price has been reduced to 15.00 Big Bones so go online and make your reservations for the Ballgame and take part in this awesome event. From what I’ve heard this might be the biggest donation that the Dogs have made to date so come on out and help us celebrate.

Also, on Thursday August 18th there is going to be the Chief Devil Dog’s Dinner cruise so if you’re interested check it out and make your reservations and Join us on the river. Along with dinner there’s going to be music and other activities so come on out and join the new Chief on the river.