31st Past Chief Devil Dog Virginia McDougall

It is with heavy heart that I report the passing of Honorable 31st Chief Devil Dog Virginia McDougall who was Chief from 1973 – 1975.  With limited details at this time, information on services, where to send condolences, etc.… will be posted once received.

Personally, I have fond memories of the 31st PCDD; following our flight into Orlando, FL my wife Dotty and I subsequently boarded a shuttle on route to the 69th Supreme Growl where I was going up for PDD.  Striking up a conversation with two other travelers as they joined us on the shuttle, I quickly learned that I had just met my first Past Chief Devil Dog, Virginia McDougall along with her traveling companion, PDD John Vorhees both also heading to the Convention from California.  We had a great conversation on the ride, during which I also garnered some valuable tips on the advancement process.  Following Orlando, it was always a pleasure to correspond with or meet up with PCDD McDougall at subsequent Supreme Growls whenever she was in attendance.

Consequently, it is with warm memories that I invite all Dogs to join in prayer for the comfort of PCDD Virginia McDougall’s family over the loss of their loved one.  She will be missed!

60th CDD Alan Sanning