Welcome to the Marine Corps League

Whether you are a Marine, FMF Sailor, family member, or supporter, we thank you for coming to our website.

The Marine Corps League was founded in 1923 by World War I Veteran of Belleau Wood, Commandant of the Marine Corps, then Major General John A. Lejeune. On August 4, 1937, the U.S. Congress Congressionally Chartered the organization as a Veteran Service Organization. It maintains a 501c4 non-profit status with the Internal Revenue Service with special tax exemption.

The mission of the Marine Corps League is to promote the interest and to preserve traditions of the United States Marine Corps; strengthen the fraternity of Marines and their families; serve Marines and FMF Navy Personnel who wear or who have worn the Eagle, Globe and Anchor; and foster the ideals of Americanism and patriotic volunteerism.

Associate Members of the Marine Corps League are valued assets to the organization. Their dedication to our Marines and FMF Navy Personnel is outstanding. We appreciate their interest in serving the community to make a positive impact. 

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